Computer Relocation & Set-up

Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, office moves are never easy.  Whether it is one office or an entire building full of offices, your computer equipment needs the utmost in care and security during your relocation. That’s why trusting your move and computer relocation process to LTS is the right choice.  We work with your moving company to protect all of your systems prior to move.  We are there onsite to supervise the unpacking and setup of each system.

LTS saves you and your staff time, money and effort while maintaining productivity. Our computer relocation and set-up services safely disconnect, store, transport, and then reconnect your computers, printers, phones and faxes whether you move down the hall or across the country.

  Typical services include:

  • Packing for transport
  • Store or recycling of existing equipment
  • Relocate servers, routers, workstations and peripherals
  • De-commission and reinstall your enterprise IT architecture
  • Establish new Internet and Telephone Service (including moving telephone numbers and fixing DNS entries)

Computer Relocation Planning

LTS will establish a plan that can begin at least 90 days in advance of your move.  We and run 30-90 days or more after. We can handle anything that has to do with your computer equipment including:

  • Requirements for power, A/C, ventilation
  • Server network and equipment positioning
  • Ordering and installing phone lines, cable connections
  • Taking inventory of all equipment and the status of software licenses
  • Coordinate a backup plan for redundancy during the move
  • Providing “help desk” service for all employees after the move to address any glitches that may affect their productivity.

We take the worry out of moving (at least when it comes to technology, phones, phone numbers, and Internet service!) Call us today!