Install Reliable Backup

Ensure Your Data Is Safe

Business is no longer simply the product or service you produce or the capital infrastructure of your building and equipment. It’s not simply the people who run everything. More and more, business comes down to the information you create and maintain, from the intellectual property you’ve created, to your customers’ private information. You protect your building with property insurance and your employees with health insurance, but how are you protecting your information and data? Statistics show that businesses who lose their data go out of business within a year.

If a natural disaster struck and your building was destroyed, or even on a smaller scale — but greater possibility — your hard-drive dies, what would you do? Do you have a plan in place just in case?

We’ve found over the years that small- to medium- sized businesses do a bad job of backing up their data and systems. And they almost never have a plan or system in place to recover their data should something happen to it.

Our technicians can help you make a plan and choose the right backup solution that fits your budget. These days, experts suggest not only backing up your data on-site, but also backing it up at a remote location in case something happens to your building. We can help you do that, too. 

Then, when you do lose files, or in the off-chance that your whole system crashes and burns, we can help you recover your data. Before disaster strikes, get in touch. We’ll be happy to assess your current backup procedures and help you get a solution in place. Because nobody wants to be a statistic.