Reduce Downtime

Maintain Productivity

Like your daily commute, most small businesses accept downtime as the normal course of doing business. We don’t agree with that. We believe it’s our job to keep our customer’s system up and running so they can boost productivity and increase profits. In today’s economy, we’re all trying to do more with less. Don’t let downtime suck the life out of your bottom line. Not to mention the morale of your employees.

With LabTech and our other proactive security and monitoring systems, you can minimize your time offline and maintain productivity. If a problem occurs, the alerts and alarms will notify our technicians immediately. Without even leaving their desks, they can remotely deploy scripts to address problems before they have a chance to spread and compromise or shut down your system. If a problem can’t be handled remotely, we’ll send our technicians out to your offices to install the patches and/or make the repairs on site.

Don’t get caught with everyone else when the next worm virus starts eating through everything. Or lose days or even weeks of work because your system is overloaded. Sign up for our LabTech service monitoring and you can schedule regular scans to monitor your system and launch ad hoc scripts that address issues as soon as they happen. You have to be proactive to protect your data and systems. What’s keeping you up at night? It should be whether you’re staying one step ahead of hackers, rogue employees and malicious viruses. Sign up for LTS and LabTech today to know you’re protected.