Use of Spy Software on Work

Use of spy software on corporate systems is nothing new. For years companies such as Spector Soft have supplied software capable of capturing screen shots, keystrokes, and monitoring email for key words. For quite a few years the number of requests for such software has declined until recently. With fewer staff resources, corporations are measuring productivity in the work place more than ever.

What is unique is that as Facebook became more popular, employers have noticed many more distractions then ever experienced during the AOL instant message days.

Steven S. Stern is the CEO & General Counsel for Legal Technology Solutions LLC. He is a founding member of Safe Harbor Discovery LLC. and sits on the advisory board of multiple technology companies. He started programing at age 15 and began teaching advanced technology courses soon thereafter. Steve continues to train clients as well as give seminars on a variety of topics including Security, e-Discovery, and Case Management systems.
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