Virus Detection is not Virus Protection!

I hate Viruses.  I hate Spyware.  I hate those Phising emails that make you think you have a package, a new facebook message, or an ACH payment!  I hate them all!  You know what else I hate, I hate antivirus programs that make you think you are protected!

Look at that fancy icon at the bottom – is it Green? Does it look like you are protected?  Whether you are using Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton, or whatever flavor of av software – somehow they still get through!

AV programs detect known viruses mostly well but when it comes to detecting an unknown threat – they fail almost every time.

What can you do?  Don’t open attachments, don’t surf blindly, and make sure you keep a backup.

Steven S. Stern is the CEO & General Counsel for Legal Technology Solutions LLC. He is a founding member of Safe Harbor Discovery LLC. and sits on the advisory board of multiple technology companies. He started programing at age 15 and began teaching advanced technology courses soon thereafter. Steve continues to train clients as well as give seminars on a variety of topics including Security, e-Discovery, and Case Management systems.